Why have 10 bots when there is Xebot?

Xebot offers you free all the essential functionalities to manage and customize your Discord server
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Editable messages

All messages sent from Xebot are entirely modifiable after they are sent: no more misery of having to redo everything for a small typo Choose who will be able to modify the messages on your server!

Innovative Permissions

Thanks to its unique permissions system, Xebot allows you to define who has access to the commands.

Management | Communication

Don't make the choice anymore between managing your server and communication : Whether it's with reaction roles or with voting, deleting messages or ideas, Xebot takes care of both without any problem!

Features | Customisation

Don't limit yourself to basic features : For each feature, Xebot offers you for free a complete mode to push the customization as far as possible: Colour, Image, Gif, Links, it's all there!

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